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$45.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This conversion kit was created from necessity. 13th Generation F150 owners strive for the off-road capabilities of a Ford Raptor without the hefty price tag. 


The conversion kit comes with both driver and passenger side coil buckets that will accept OEM or OEM Spec Gen 2 Ford Raptor Coil Overs.


*kit was designed to work with OEM Gen 2 Raptor coilovers..if aftermarket coilovers are used, limit straps may be required



A Full 2017-current Ford F150 Raptor suspension is required (not included) with the installation of these conversion buckets.

Ford Part Numbers: (part numbers are for reference only, Check with your local Ford Dealer to confirm)

Raptor Coil Spring (2 required): HL3Z-5310A

Raptor Super Cab Shock Absorber (2 required): HL3Z-18124A

Raptor Crew Cab Shock Absorber (2 required): HL3Z-18124-C

Raptor Upper Shock Mount (2 required): HL3Z-18A099-A

Raptor Upper Insulator (2 required): HL3Z-5415-A

Raptor Shock Upper Mount Nut (2 required): W715151-S440

Raptor Shock Mount to Frame Nut (6 required):  W716771-S440

Left Upper Control Arm: HL3Z-3085-B       

Right Upper Control Arm: HL3Z-3084B       

Left Lower Control Arm: HL3Z-3079-B     

Right Lower Control Arm: HL3Z-3078B      

Lower Control Arm Shock Bolt (2 required): W712104-S900

Lower Control Arm Shock Nut (2 required): W715151-S900

Left Axle: HL3Z-3A427-A     

Right Axle: HL3Z-3A428-A         

Sway Bar End Link (2 required): HL3Z-5K483-B         

Sway Bar Bushing (2 required) HL3Z-5484-B

Sway Bar: HL3Z-5482-B            

Outer Tie Rod (2 Required): HL3Z-3A130-A 

Raptor Left Brake Hose: HL3Z-2078-A

Raptor Right Brake Hose: HL3Z-2078-B

Raptor Wheel Sensor (2 required): HL3Z-2C204-A 

Coil Over Assembly:



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