BDS Suspension 8" Suspension Lift Kit 4 Link System Ford F250/F350 4WDBDS Suspension 8" Suspension Lift Kit 4 Link System for the 2011-2016 Ford F250/F350 4WD (11-16)

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Why a 4-link system? It's simple, with 10" of wheel travel there is less than 1 degree of caster change (front axle rotation), this means control in the steering wheel over rough terrain. The stability in the steering wheel is noticable even under normal driving conditions.


In addition to 4 massive control arms, this kit comes with new 4-link frame mounting brackets. These are not drop down brackets, but new mounts to replace the stock mounting system. Don't worry, no welding required.


The kit also comes with front anti-sway bar drop brackets, a dropped pitman arm for steering angle correction, a track bar relocation bracket to properly center your axle, stainless steel brake lines and bump stop extensions.


The rear is lifted via new 8" Glide-Ride Leaf Springsthat provide an excellent ride while still having the payload capacity you need from your truck.


Choose between gas and diesel configurations, as well as plenty of upgrades and accessories when customizing your kit.