Murdicon Jeep Build

Murdicon Jeep Build

Feb 8th 2018

The Murdicon Jeep Wrangler was built here at KHC a few years ago with a 3.5", 3 link, Rock Crawler long arm suspension kit on stock axles with fox shocks all around. The suspension was powdercoated red and the entire Jeep was sprayed in linex. The Jeep is back for a fully custom built 5.5" lift with a coil-over conversion.

Installation of the new Ultimate Dana 60s, the rear axle fabricated with a KHC in house made 3 link truss brace 

.The front spring perches being removed for the new front coil-over system to be installed 

Front frame rail with removed spring perches

New front coil-over mounts being test fitted

From design to production here is KHC's Truss brace for this Dana 60 rear

Ultimate Dana 60 with KHC made truss brace

New Coil-overs arrived