Element Rear Leaf Springs, 1” Lift, 2017+ Raptor

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The Ford Raptor is an excellent truck that is highly capable straight off of the showroom floor. But some parts of it make us wonder what the hell Ford was thinking. A great example of these head-scratchers is the use of blocks in combination with the factory rear springs. While the blocks are small, they still produce wheel hop and bed shake in certain conditions. Our Element Hard Parts Excursion Series Springs eliminates the factory blocks and springs. The 12 thin leaves of our spring pack offer lots of compression for a smoother ride in rough terrain. A military wrap design provides safety in case of the main leaf breaking. With our springs in place, your Raptor will have a better ride, a more planted feel, and a significant reduction in wheel hop.

  • A replacement spring that eliminates the shortcomings of the factory leaf spring and the rear blocks
  • A 12-leaf pack of multiple thin leaves for a very progressive feel
  • A smooth ride on smaller chop while still being able to absorb bigger hits
  • Provides 1-inch of lift in the rear of the Raptor to clear larger tires
  • Uses a military wrap design for safety and strength
  • Comes with anti-friction pads for quiet operation
  • Each leaf has a diamond-cut end for maximum flex
  • Built using USA-sourced 5160 spring steel
  • Has stout retaining pins to keep leaves aligned
  • One pair of rear leaf springs, bushings, u-bolts and hardware

Q: How much lift will these give me?

A: The springs are designed to give 1” over stock height with the rear block removed.

Q: Do your springs remove the factory block?

A: Yes, because the OE bump pad is integrated into the block, we suggest running an aftermarket bumpstop kit to maximize performance.