Metal Lugz 7004K8-BLK - Black Cone Seat Spiked Lug Nuts

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Black Cone Seat Spiked Lug Nuts (7004K8-BLK) by Metal Lugz.

Thread Size: M14 x 1.5,

Packaging Quantity: 32 Pieces & 1 Key

Spiked lug nuts are designed to be stylish yet rugged, and incorporate functionality with style. The Spiked lugnut with a conical design is meant for vehicles excluding dually trucks.


Quantity: Nuts & 1 Key
Lug Nut Thread Size: 1/2-20 RH in.
Lug Nut Seat Style: Conical seat - 60 degree
Lug Nut Head Style: Spiked
Open End Design: No
Conical Seat Type: Standard
Washer Included: No
Lug Nut Material: Steel

Precision crafted from high quality carbon steel
Treated with cutting-edge rust inhibiting technology
Multilayer finish for perfect chip and scratch resistance
Specially designed key included for ease of installation
The one-of-a-kind Spiked lugnut by Metal Lugz was formed to give your vehicle a distinct, new trend-setting look. The innovative 1-piece spike design provides a safer and more reliable spike lugnut than any other on the market. Each lug is precision crafted from the highest quality carbon steel and is treated with advanced rust inhibiting technology. Because the brand more layers in their finishes, Metal Lugz stay vibrant longer. This means your lugs are far less likely to chip, scratch or rust. Every Metal Lugz kit includes a specially designed key that takes the guesswork out of installation while giving you an added layer of security. With a 4.4" overall length, you get the perfect size for the perfect look you’re after.