Recon Complete 2.5 12" Front and 12" Rear Coilover Kit with Bumpstops 2018+ JL

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The only true bolt on coilover conversion for the 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 2 and 4 door that addresses these important factors:
  1. Performance
  2. Ease of install
  3. Reliability
  4. Customization
Why Bolt On?
When our RECON system first came out, it went up against a very popular weld-on system offered by our competition. However, it addressed many concerns the weld on system didn't. Our system offers the same performance, without the permanent changes.
Time to install: RECON can be installed in 6-8 hours, by anyone, even in your driveway. Don't have a welder? Don't have access to an installation bay? Don't have years of suspension experience? Not a problem with our system. If you can drill, line up bolt holes, and turn a wrench, you are 100% capable of installing coilovers on your Jeep JL.
Reliability: Because our bracket system has zero moving parts, there are no joints or hinges that can wear over time and fail. Keep it simple, the shock is held in by 2 bolts.
Performance: Our RECON coilover conversion gives your Jeep JL both unrivaled on road performance and off road stability and articulation. Everything from daily driven Jeeps on 35" tires to wild builds with 42" tires each benefit from converting to coilovers.
Customization: Because the brackets do not have to endure heat from welding, your brackets can be custom powder coated to retain a color scheme you may have already started with your build. This is very important to more customers than many think. Your Jeep is your blank canvas, get creative and have fun with it!
But - it's bolts...
Correct - and nothing against welding. In fact, every single one of our brackets can be welded on if you so wish. Lets also look at what else is bolted on your Jeep: wheels, brakes, drive shafts, engine, seats, power steering box, etc etc etc. With the proper torque spec, bolting suspension components on is perfectly safe. We ran our JK systems on many Jeeps for 10+ years, with not one issue to date. We stand by our products, and are confident you will not have an issue.
What does bolt on gain me?
Several important factors. Installation is much less time consuming, allowing for same day installation. Bolt on allows you to carry the system with you. You can return a Jeep back to its original configuration prior to sale, and reinstall the coilover kit on your next JL. A great option for leased or rolled/damaged vehicles. Why cut and weld if you dont need to?


Each coilover system comes with:
  • Front upper coilover mounts
  • Front lower coilover mounts
  • Front 2.5 12" King Coilovers
  • Rear upper coilover mounts
  • Rear lower coilover mounts
  • Rear 2.5 12" King Coilovers
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Full color installation instructions
  • Minimum 30" brake lines
  • Minimum 13" sway bar links
Each bump system comes with:
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Full color installation instructions
  • Front King 2.0 hydraulic bump stops
  • Front upper hydraulic bump stop brackets

This kit doesn't include rear King Bumps, but can be purchased separately.