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Customer came to Krazy House Customs with a stock 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport. KHC customized his Jeep per his instructions by doing the following:

River Raider Front bumper , Hi Flo Hood, Jk Extended side armor set (not a bolt on) Custom fitted to the truck with max bilt taillights

Jw Speaker evolution 8700 2 headlights and fogs

  • Customized Audio System using;Pioneer AVIC 7000 NEX, Metra antenna adaptor, JL W# 10 inch Subwooferwith a custom box, Pioneer 6 ¾ component speaker package; JL audio XD600 and XD400 Pioneer backup camera


  • Custom Seats, Center Console, dashboard, door panels and head liner in Brown Leather By Krazy House Customs


  • Linex Exterior of the Jeep


  • Fox stablilizer

Xd enduro 17×9


35 12.50 17 nitto Trail grapplers


IMG_2693 IMG_2702 IMG_2677 IMG_2736 IMG_2749 IMG_2786 IMG_2781 IMG_2788 IMG_2792 IMG_2812 IMG_2810 IMG_2780 IMG_2711 IMG_2708 IMG_2707 IMG_2703IMG_2808 IMG_2806 IMG_2801 IMG_2796 IMG_2794 IMG_2818 IMG_2814 IMG_2762 IMG_2754 IMG_2753 IMG_2766 IMG_2772 IMG_2744 IMG_2741 IMG_2732 IMG_2728 IMG_2724 IMG_2719 IMG_2713 IMG_2717IMG_2866 IMG_2862 IMG_2843 IMG_2826 IMG_2875



2014 JKU

2014 JKU
Bds 4 inch front 3inch rear adjustable lower arms
Fox 2.0 shocks and stabilizer
Jks front trackbar
Procomp 5029 satin finish
Nitto trail grappler 35 12.5 r17
Smittybilt bumper w tire carrier


10931241_10153045470042710_2449024372376566035_n 10952079_10153045470112710_2015688561744222396_n10425480_10153045470292710_4080672734599920419_n1476259_10153045470357710_1359853360574147681_n 10928999_10153045470167710_8835099307284243956_n 10929546_10153045470457710_6941757450015184520_n  10931333_10153045470237710_6534972498558305862_n 10931459_10153045470397710_3714120981655224961_n

American Racing Headers 1 7/8 with cats

Corsa Exhaust Extreme 2.75 Valve back system

Procharger D1sc

Custom tune

Stay Tune for build pics and video

20150121_113507 20150121_113513 20150121_113522 20150121_113531 20150121_113549 20150121_113604 20150121_113615


Another Krazy house undercover tire rack ready to go . Silver one is example of rack loaded up. If u have a raptor or a Ford F-150 this rack not only holds up to a 37 inch tire , it also holds a jack and is ready to hold a power tank as well . For more info please inquire…


1508009_10153013122447710_3300470345798308817_n 1606854_10153013122412710_1065660984757304063_n 10906145_10153013122242710_2767749909465148110_n 10917372_10153013122367710_112008674085734233_n 10931337_10153013122207710_6201366452687878746_n 10933871_10153013122162710_5453232071655351245_n

Custom Jeep Wrangler interior seats, dashboard, center console. More pics to come

10926391_10153007751572710_5618705298034992150_n10390390_10153007751892710_5360997651817265150_n 10404209_10153007751997710_3040590036232324632_n 10898002_10153007751822710_8481566792045555441_n 10906277_10153007751737710_5980161222032191145_n  10929082_10153007751652710_7845216872028790498_n

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
River Raider Hi flow hood
River Raider Front and Rear Fenders
Xd Enduro 17×8
Nitto Trail Grappler 35 12.5 R 17


1459738_10152912619132710_687113632183336394_n 1471859_10152912618992710_3191573859707985209_n 10404413_10152912619107710_2715456842827510515_n 10523163_10152912618882710_1453651549189640014_n 10848027_10152912619067710_1407644205047458941_n




2014 F150
22″ Dub push
Nitto 420
Afe intake
Mbrp exhaust


10641021_10152840654222710_899264258218272658_n10698585_10152840654122710_8713136562538117683_n  10408079_10152840653847710_6838266168223360525_n 10347096_10152840653922710_7458893098160007061_n 1503519_10152840654017710_7014022934333781781_n

2012 F350
50″ Rigid lightbar


1457640_10152840642402710_188074727904128068_n 10360843_10152840642617710_9217054595387958066_n 10406754_10152840642677710_6973908112696524406_n 10698585_10152840642532710_7963014531978082757_n 10730844_10152840642557710_5627021807540222625_n


2014 C7 Corvette
American Racing Headers 1 7/8 with cats and x-pipe
Corsa Extreme Exhaust

10690070_10152811337052710_5004235362139372655_n10365748_10152811336927710_2281943867096579882_n10363853_10152811336987710_8988158497336595999_n9467_10152811337782710_5907682257913581503_n 1380792_10152811337612710_1012121389843029163_n   10411064_10152811337507710_6001236653445443090_n 10600602_10152811337247710_772738948009260892_n 10644975_10152811337352710_532220245450030759_n  10712786_10152811337167710_8071834107167654195_n

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